GroomRight is based in North Carolina and started up in 2010 to create a high quality, long-lasting dog grooming table. We made sure that it was strong, portable and able to meet the extreme demands of dog show handlers, professional groomers, and even veterinarians.

In 2013 we introduced our adjustable stainless steel grooming arms, and have quickly gained much attention.

We are dog breeders, dog show handlers, professional dog groomers, and loving pet owners; all with the product and industry knowledge to make better grooming products!GroomRight Large Breed Grooming Table

As such, we put our collective knowledge into producing tables that we feel confident will meet the needs of anyone needing to groom animals.

Starting with large breed dog grooming tables, we moved into regular production in late Summer of 2010.  Our medium GroomRight tables went into production in January of 2011. In 2013 we launched our stainless grooming arm and clamp product and the rest is history.

Early feedback on our prototype products were very positive.  Many companies that produce grooming equipment create ‘throw away’ products.  Inexpensive and shoddy designs meant to maximize profits and create a product that will have a short life-span that will ultimately need to be replaced.

GroomRight would like to break that mold with a grooming table product that is not only built to last, but we guarantee that it will last.  If for any reason, your GroomRight product fails, we will replace it for the lifetime of the product…no questions asked.

We so strongly believe in the quality of our tables, clamps, and arms…and their durability that we are willing to replace them if they fail…and we won’t give you a hard time…we will simply replace it.  It’s our GroomRight Warranty!