Professional Dog Show HandlersProfessional dog show handlers spend a great deal of time on the road going between dog shows, logging thousands of miles each year, and putting all of their equipment through the proverbial ‘ringer’ with each dog show.

Loading and unloading.  Setting up and tearing down.  Hot.  Cold.  Rain and snow.

Each show requires grooming of the dogs that the handlers will take in the ring, (obviously – some more than others.)

Having attended a number of dog shows over the last 10 years, we began to take note of the various equipment that pro-handlers use on a daily basis.  We focused in on grooming tables.

“What is going on with this product,” we thought?  The good manufacturers don’t stay in business, and the bad tables are abundant, but need to be replaced every couple of years.  At an average of $160 per table, and the obvious wastefulness of disposing of these wood, rubber, and metal contraptions…not to mention, the money, an idea came to us!

How about a table that lasts.  How about a table that takes some ideas that have been done, and a few that haven’t, and puts them in to one brand of table that is by no-means a technological wonder, but is sure as heck will last…and…we’ll guarantee it!

Thus, GroomRight All Breed Grooming Tables came to be.  We went to numerous materials vendors and found the best products we could put together to produce a sound, stable, and reliable grooming table that is also affordable.

Professional handlers search for tools like GroomRight tables.  Equipment that they can count on to ‘just work’.  Equipment that they can count on to be there weekend after weekend, year after year, dog after dog.  GroomRight wants to be your equipment.